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Marcia Clark Marcia Clark


Marcia Clark talks about O.J., Chris Darden, Fred and Kim Goldman
Today, May 2016
"Sarah Paulson—I've been a fan girl of hers forever so that's like to start with—she's so amazing and so wonderful. I don't know how she did it, but she somehow managed to channel how I was feeling on the inside."
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Marcia Clark on the "Glove Moment" and Sexism in the O.J. Simpson Trial
Late Night with Seth Meyers, May 2016
"It didn't feel good, let me tell ya, sitting there and watching that happen. And it was also very predictable. I mean, of course, have you ever tried to put gloves on somebody who doesn't want to put them on?"
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How Marcia Clark Deals With Being Back in the Spotlight
Elle, May 2016
"I have been addicted to crime since I was a little girl and always wanted to write crime fiction. It is the ultimate drama. It is life and death—it doesn't get more serious than that."
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Author Marcia Clark Goes on the 'Defense'
Huffington Post, May 2016
"As a lawyer, I came to understand early that storytelling plays a very important part when you address a jury. So I guess my instincts have always kind of been there when it comes to weaving a narrative."
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Marcia Clark on how her new book is different than the old Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
Los Angeles Times, April 2016
"I wanted to write a more morally ambiguous character... It's freeing, it's more fun."
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Marcia Clark on Her Novel, Blood Defense, and Why She Doesn't Miss Being in Court Anymore
Vulture, April 2016
"There are more interesting moral and ethical wrinkles to riding the defense side because a defense attorney's goal is solely to defend the client. The prosecutor has to make sure that it's a fair trial; the defense has no obligation."
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Marcia Clark Discusses Life After the Simpson Case
Dateline NBC, March 2016
"I was done. For awhile there it was just a loss of faith. I was exhausted. I was physically and emotionally drained. It was a tough year and a half of feeling kind of battered on all sides, and I really just needed to recover."
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Marcia Clark's Relationship with Chris Darden
Ellen, March 2016
"We were really partners. We were trenchmates. He wasn't my second chair. A lot of times when you prosecute, you have a senior prosecutor and a junior prosecutor. It wasn't like that. We were co-counsel."
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A Conversation With Marcia Clark: Rape, Scientology Flirtation and When She Last Saw O.J.
Hollywood Reporter, March 2016
"She told me her story, and literally within 10 minutes of her leaving, I got violently ill... Violently. It was really weird. Scientology, they're right about that: They say that negative emotion and rekindling old negative memories can make you feel ill, physically ill, and it did."
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Marcia Clark reacts to 'The People v. O.J. Simpson' & Sarah Paulson's performance
Larry King, March 2016
"You know the trial was an unending experience of torture every single day, watching justice get subverted by everything else. Two innocent people were brutally murdered and no one seemed to care, and it got completely buried."
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Marcia Clark Is Redeemed
New York Magazine, February 2016
"Yes, I am... I am a feminist... And I don't think of that as being anti-men, I think about it as equal rights for women."
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OJ Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark on New FX Series
The View, January 2016
"I can't watch it the way most people do. For me it's reliving a nightmare. Every bit of it is awful and hard for me. So it's a very painful experience, and yet I have to tell you that's a measure of how good it is."
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American Crime Story and the Vindication of O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark
Vogue, January 2016
"The funniest thing to me was when they claimed I had a makeover. A makeover! Are you kidding! And I still look like that? That's the worst makeover I've ever seen."
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